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Types of Dental Emergencies and How We Can Help

Dental emergencies typically result from traumatic injuries to the mouth. However, certain conditions like tooth decay or advanced gum disease may likewise require professional intervention. It’s immensely critical to know first aid and where to get help in the event that something occurs to preserve your health.

This means that you must be capable of differentiating between dangerous emergencies and those that can wait until your scheduled checkup with your dentist, Dr. Sean Melton, here at Melton Dental in Helena, MT. In this light, below is a basic guide on common dental emergencies that you might experience.

Dental Emergencies That Require “Immediate” Attention

These are dental emergencies that require action as soon as possible, meaning that you have approximately one hour to get treatment. In general, these cases include facial and soft tissue pain and bleeding, an infection, and knocked-out teeth. These emergencies usually involve intense and searing pain. Failing to receive proper care might mean losing your teeth.

Dental Emergencies Considered “Urgent”

These kinds of emergencies, including loose teeth, fractured or cracked teeth, or broken dental work must be treated within several hours. They’re also contingent upon the potential risk of acquiring a severe infection. Until you get help, you can manage your pain and mitigate damage with home remedies.

Dental Emergencies Classified as “Moderate”

Acting on moderate dental emergencies could be delayed until the next day, depending on the severity of your pain or injury. These cases include tooth pain, dental work adjustments, or orthodontic issues. If you’re uncertain, however, contact your dentist before coming in for a visit.

Non-Emergency Dental Situations

  • Routine cleanings and exams
  • Recall appointments
  • Preventive treatments
  • Routine radiographs
  • Removal of a tooth that’s not painful
  • Routine adjustments for braces
  • Treatment of a cavity that’s not causing pain
  • Cosmetic dental treatments

For Questions, Concerns, or Advice on Dental Emergencies, Speak to Us

Contact your dentist, Dr. Sean Melton, at Melton Dental in Helena, MT by dialing 406-443-1419.

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