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Cosmetic Orthodontics for Adults

If you have crooked teeth as an adult, there are treatment options available. At Melton Dental, Dr. Sean Melton, Helena, MT, offers braces and Fastbraces to give you a beautiful and confident smile.

What are Braces and Fastbraces?

When you are looking to correct your misaligned teeth, options are available for either braces or Fastbraces. However, if you are not very thrilled about the idea of wearing traditional braces for an extended length of time, Fastbraces may be a better option.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are designed to correct tooth crowding and misalignment while also closing gaps between teeth. Braces can also help to correct bite misalignment.

When you get braces, the doctor attaches metal brackets to the teeth and holds them together with wires. Then, every so often, you return to your dentist or orthodontist to have the wires tightened so that your teeth gradually move to their proper positions. Patients may wear braces for around two years, depending on individual needs.


Fastbraces offer a shorter treatment time, and you can expect your teeth to align within months. Instead of the square brackets with traditional braces, Fastbraces use triangle-shaped brackets to increase the gaps between each brace. The triangular form allows more wire flexibility and enables them to correct the root position simultaneously.

If you compare Fastbraces to traditional braces, Fastbraces engage the entire tooth structure at the beginning of treatment versus conventional braces that take extra time between correcting crowns and roots.

Fastbraces correct crowding, gaps, crookedness, and teeth misalignment. Like traditional braces, they are attached to the front of the teeth and linked with wire. However, their unique design straightens the crowns and roots right out of the gate to ensure patients achieve straighter teeth in months rather than years.

Why Should I Choose Fastbraces?

Most commonly recommended in Helena, MT, Fastbraces are more convenient and cost-effective. Other benefits of Fastbraces include:

  • Require fewer dental appointments during treatment
  • They are more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing

Dental technology has advanced and adults now have teeth alignment options that are less noticeable and work faster. If you'd like to learn more, contact Dr. Melton of Melton Dental in Helena, MT, about braces and Fastbraces. Book an appointment by dialing 406-443-1419.

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