Reconstructive Dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry In Helena, MT

Everyone wants an attractive, healthy set of teeth, but sometimes decay and damage gets in the way. When your dental concerns go beyond yellowing or crowding, you may need reconstructive dentistry to ensure your oral health is maintained and your smile is at its best.

Teeth that are missing or damaged need extra help, and fixing them is crucial in preventing misalignment of your teeth and staving off decay and infection.reconstructive dentistry | Dentist in Helena, MT | Melton Dental

At Melton Dental in Helena, MT, Dr. Sean Melton, has the expertise to help you select the right reconstructive dentistry procedure for you.


Crowns are a great option for teeth with extensive decay, or for chipped or broken teeth. A crown is made to fit directly over your tooth to hide any blemishes or gaps. Secured firmly in place, a crown is a long-lasting and undetectable option.


Bridges may be a good choice to fill the void from a missing tooth. A bridge uses an artificial tooth, secured in place and supported by the natural teeth on either side, to fill the empty space. A bridge is a durable option that not only gives support to your mouth but appears natural.

Dental Implants

For missing teeth or one or more teeth that are severely damaged, dental implants are a permanent restoration option. Using a screw-like post, your Helena dentist will secure the implant into your jawbone to act as the root of an artificial tooth. Shaped and colored to match an original tooth, you won't be able to tell which tooth has a dental implant.

Just like your natural teeth, any teeth you treat with reconstructive dentistry will need regular care from your Helena dentist and daily attention from you. Twice daily brushing, flossing and mouthwash will keep your implants, bridges or crowns from building up with plaque. You will also want to avoid any especially hard or sticky foods that could disrupt or damage your reconstructive dental work.

Have extensive decay, worn, or missing teeth? Then call Melton Dental today at (406) 437-9568 to learn how we can help you or to book your Reconstructive Dentistry appointment!

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